Create a Sustainable Supply Chain with SAP

The Rocket Sustainability Launchpad is helping businesses understand how to achieve better planet, people and performance outcomes within their current landscape (SAP Business Suite/ECC), as part of a transformation to SAP S/4 or when introducing new SAP Digital Supply Chain Software.

The broad range of outcomes include;

  • Reduction of paper & manual administration 

  • Elimination of waste & inventory write-offs 

  • Packaging reduction and better warehouse space utilisation

  • Optimised intralogistics and reduced logistics costs  

  • Optimal labour force management 

  • Improve vehicle fill rates and utilisation of spare network capacity

If you would like to understand how to achieve these within your SAP run business and hear real customer examples of supply chain improvements that support sustainability goals all achieved with SAP Business Suite, S/4 and Digital Supply Chain platforms like Extended Warehouse Management, Transportation Management and the SAP Business Technology Platform - please get in touch to book your kick start call.