Mobile SAP Strategy Webinar
SAP Mobile: A Strategy for High Performing Digital Supply Chain and Warehousing Operations - register now to access the on-demand webinar.
This webinar will help you address your supply chain and warehouse mobility productivity limitations and help you create a competitive advantage. 

Listen to:

  • Why modern approaches to mobile user experience creates a more efficient and self-sufficient workforce
  • The risks to business productivity associated with not keeping pace with mobile technology 
  • Key steps in how to advance your SAP mobile UX strategy
  • How to successfully deploy your SAP mobile strategy to meet the entire needs of your workforce
Here at Rocket, we think beyond the mobilisation of transactions, we think about how people are working and how they want to work and apply technology to meet these ever-changing demands.
Don’t let your company’s ability to grow and respond to market changes be stunted by your mobile processes, start to connect business processes to roles, environments, and tasks, and start giving people smarter, more efficient ways of working.


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