SAP Technical Review - Sleep soundly at night!

When was the last time SAP system was checked, knowing they’re safe from cyber attacks and any potential attack from within your own environment?

We can offer a free review of your system, pinpointing potential security issues, providing estimates and ensuring the systems are up to date as possible.
We can provide estimated costs for the compute and any migration work which is required to the new environment, thus giving the business a cost for becoming more sustainable. 
Why have we introduced this service and what we found with our current customers:
  • 100 % of the customers who have taken the offer of the free report have decided to complete the all recommendations provided.
  • 75% don’t complete a yearly security audit on their systems.
  • 60% potentially could save money by reducing the infrastructure costs.
  • 50% haven’t performed any maintenance since SAP was implemented.

“The report is very easy to understand, highlighting the issues according to the severity of the issue, this helped us focus on the most important."

"Helping the business decided on the top priorities knowing the cost upfront ensured a budget and justification for the business. We understand the value of this free service and would recommend this to any SAP System owners.”

Key Points Covered

Security / Patching
Database Configuration
Database Updates / Patching / Security Parameters
Software / Patching / Software Upgrades
Potential Savings


If you are moving to one of the hyperscalers we will also help the business move towards a new sustainable environment and possibly reduce cost if managed and setup correctly. Completing the Technical Services review will provide help towards understanding what is required to start the journey to a new environment.   
Technical Report - Findings by Layer
Technical Report - Findings by Severity

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