About Rocket

SAP Digital Supply Chain Solution Implementation

Increasing service and profitability

Our implementation services provide organisations with a specialist approach and methodology, tailored to meet the challenges of projects delivering supply chain, manufacturing and operations management solutions.

From the leadership team to our consultants and developers, we ensure you have access to the most experienced people with matching industry know-how, in addition to some of the best SAP expertise in the industry to ensure you deliver maximum value to your business from your project.

The Rocket approach:

    • Helps realise and identify growth opportunities, working with established prerequisites if required.
    • Identifies how to operate in a more sustainable manner.
    • Improves profitability and productivity.
    • Lowers costs with lower overall project risk.

Get in touch to learn more about how our blueprint and requirement analysis is designed to move our customers towards best-in-class business processes for their industry, supplemented by the realisation of these benefits using the capabilities available in the chosen SAP Digital Supply Chain Platform.

The additional capabilities and value add includes wide ranging enhancement library IP that reduces project cost and timelines, mobile services, testing, training, integration to non-SAP systems, project management and change management.